Repetition and Revision in the Creative Process

Pixel Bakery recently created a logo for Omaha Spring Cleanup, an annual initiative by Keep Omaha Beautiful that focuses on community beautification and environmental education. Keep Omaha Beautiful came to us with a problem. They wanted a logo for their event that would stand the test of time. Instead of creating a new logo every

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Pixel Bakery Internship: Day 1

Yo, I’m Sophie! I am Pixel Bakery’s newest pastry apprentice. I’m in my last quarter of the Graphic Design & Media Arts program at Southeast Community College, which requires us to seek out and complete a two-week internship at a design company. I knew from quarter one I wanted to intern here based on their personality and lively

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Now Trending – Low Poly Design

Currently, Jordan is going through a cyclical style period in his work where everything starts and ends in the same place. “Ski Lift” is a Roller Coaster Tycoon-inspired animation created entirely in Cinema 4D. It incorporates a recent industry trend: low poly design.   Low poly design uses a small number of geometric shapes (cough cough

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Chocolate Drizzled PB

When we’re between projects here at Pixel Bakery we like to work on personal projects to better our animation and graphic design skills. Jordan took over 300 hours to create this animation using cinema 4D and a particle dynamics program called RealFlow. The first part of creating any motion design is sketching what you want

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Motion Graphics for Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius

One of the awesome things about working for an animation studio is the wide variety of projects that you get to be involved in. One of our on-going clients, Punch-It Entertainment, is an independent board game publisher and developer. How cool is that? They recently launched a new and exciting game called Pompeii: Wrath of Vesuvius.