Pixel Bakery specializes in animation, video production, and web design in Lincoln Nebraska

Life in the Bakery

Just add flour.


Jordan Lambrecht Headshot

Jordan D. Lambrecht

Managing Partner & Creative Director

Jordan founded Pixel Bakery because he couldn’t find a job. His alma mater is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he received a Bachelor of Arts. Artistically trained, he brings a different perspective to advertising and how design work and the creative process can be approached. He’s been asked roughly 314 times if Pixel Bakery is a real bakery, which generally results in disappointment when he informs them that the last thing he cooked was burnt popcorn over a month ago.

Karley A. Johnson

Managing Partner & Creative Director

Karley founded Pixel Bakery because she was a nerd in high school and wants to show the world that she’s cool now. Karley is a plant enthusiast, avid cyclist, concert junkie, and a bonafide vegan in the midwest. She has degrees in both advertising and graphic design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While she is a stellar designer and creative director, her downfalls include her deep appreciation of bands like 3OH!3 and Radiohead, and spending 40% of her income on concert tickets.

Josie L. Sittig

Account Executive

Josie joined Pixel Bakery because she thought we actually made cakes and stuff. Being the only one on the team who actually has any baking skills, she brings a lot to the table, literally. If you give us your business, she’ll make you her finest banana bread. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Journalism, and has been raking in the dough ever since.

Yoni Y. Gill

Managing Partner & Director of Operations

Yoni joined Pixel Bakery because he never wants to give himself any down-time to relax. In addition to being our Director of Operations, he’s also a wicked photographer, and seasoned woodworker. He believes that people-time is more valuable than money, so he always tries to maximize every waking moment he has with someone.

Peep on Us

We’re either at the studio or on our way in, we promise. Check out our awkward dance moves and intense budget meetings – we forget that people are watching.

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