Hello, Future Baker.

Come Rise with Us.

Anything Goes!

Pixel Bakery is growing, so if you think you have a great idea of how you could grow with us, apply!

qualities we look for:

  • The ability to self-teach and problem solve (all of the technical skills I’ve learned about motion design come from Youtube and obsessive curiosity)
  • Definitely not allergic to dogs* 
  • Has a hard work ethic and intense passion (We value work ethic over skill any day. Skill can be taught, drive cannot)
  • Someone who is constantly tinkering and experimenting with their craft
  • Enjoys The Beatles and Edward Sharpe, because that’s apparently the only two bands Tony’s Spotify knows how to play.

*We’re legally obligated to say that this is totally a joke, and that Pixel Bakery is an equal opportunity employer. But there are a lot of dogs that hang out in our office.

Sound Good? Sounds Good.

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