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Business Development Internship

Pixel Bakery is hiring a New Business intern! This is a first-time-ever position opening at Pixel Bakery, perfect for anyone, of any major, interested in pursuing the new business for a boutique design studio. Applicants must be ready to enter a fast-paced environment where you ACT-U-AL-LY matter to a business’s success.

While this isn’t just cold calling/warm-intro emailing a list of leads, that will be a large part of your responsibility. Though the best part is, you get to make that list! You’ll be researching businesses, executing guerilla marketing, traveling to Omaha for events (not required, but a perk if you want it to be), helping strategize for Pixel Bakery’s growth, and so much more as Elaina’s go-to. This position is paid and we’re looking for about 15-20 hours per week in availability.

Our perfect candidate must be relentless, tireless, and mentally resilient enough to consistently pursue their leads. Sales or customer service experience is a plus, but overall, just being a “people person” is required.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Go to client meetings
  • Help foster new relationships with potential clients and people in our community.
  • Grow Pixel Bakery’s brand and create brand awareness
  • Be completely hands-on in the creative process on several different projects.
  • Executing and discovering creative strategy, for our brand and for our clients.

Qualities We Look For:

  • The ability to self-teach and problem solve.
  • Definitely not allergic to dogs* 🐶
  • A Junior or Senior in college. Rare exceptions may be made based on proficiency.
  • A rudimentary understanding of how the design process works.
  • Ability to take positive criticism and feedback.
  • Enthusiasm for the design process and attentiveness to different project goals.
  • A yearning hunger to grow as an account executive and as a person. We only accept candidates who share our passion.
  • A scrupulous moral barometer and a desire to use design as a tool for social change.

*It’s illegal to require a candidate to love dogs, but you kind of really should anyway because dog people are better than everyone else anyways.

Sound Good? Sounds Good.

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