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Multimedia Design Internship

Karley Johnson Vegan At Large

Pixel Bakery is looking for a multimedia design intern. 

You will work closely with the leadership team to create materials for both our internal brand and our 30 clients. 

While our culture is extremely relaxed (you are allowed to set your own hours), things move very quickly around here. We’re a nimble team, which means you will have an enormous impact on our company and our work. You will learn to meet daily, weekly, and long-term deadlines in a fast-paced environment.  Your days will vary greatly with a wide range of potential experiences. You will be operating on video production sets, creating 2D and 3D animations, and making visual graphics.


Responsibilities Include:

  • Creating cohesively designed elements for our clients. This will include animation, 3D modeling, print design, branding, web, and anything else that comes by.
  • Go to client meetings
  • Storyboard and concept animations/videos in a professional environment
  • Collaborate with leadership and support campaigns with design solutions
  • Be completely hands-on in the creative process on several different projects
  • Incorporate UI/UX best practices in website design and layout, and adapt designs for mobile formats
  • Executing and discovering creative strategy, for our brand and for our clients.

Qualities We Look For:

Successful candidates will come to the role with a strong background in graphic arts:

  • Have to be an passionate creative and looking to make your mark in expanding team
  • Be a junior or senior in college with a relevant degree path. We prefer longer internships that last at least a year or more. (i.e you’re not graduating in three months)
  • A great print and digital portfolio of work that demonstrates creativity and execution
  • High Proficiency in the Adobe CC, specifically Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects
  • We need someone who is self motivated, adaptable, organized and collaborative
  • Working knowledge of Cinema4D is a HUGE bonus
  • This is a part-time position up to 20 hours, with the potential to become full-time upon graduation
  • Must be available to work in-office Monday-Friday
  • Must be a team player, literally everything we do is a collaborative effort
  • Ability to switch between multiple active clients in one day
  • Strong understanding of our internal brand & voice
  • Not afraid to write a blog post or two during your stay here
  • The ability to self-teach and problem solve
  • Ability to take positive criticism and feedback
  • Enthusiasm for the design process and attentiveness to different project goals
  • A yearning hunger to grow as a designer and as a person. We only accept candidates who share our passion
  • A scrupulous moral barometer and a desire to use design as a tool for social change

We’d love to have you join the team. To apply, skip the cover letter and shoot us your resume and portfolio (websites preferred, but a book is okay).

Sound Good? Sounds Good.

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