Hello, Future Baker.

Come Rise with Us.

Part-Time Account Executive

Pixel Bakery is looking for someone to join our team as a part-time account executive.

You will work closely with our Account Director to prospect new clients, design pitches, and seamlessly transfer the client on-boarding process to our internal team. 

While our culture is extremely relaxed (you are allowed to set your own hours), things move very quickly around here. We’re a nimble team, which means you will have an enormous impact on our company and our work. You will learn to meet daily, weekly, and long-term deadlines in a fast-paced environment.  Your days will vary greatly with a wide range of potential experiences. You will become a master of cold calling, and maybe even go across the country to help us find awesome new clients.

Responsibilities Include:

As an integral part of a start-up with 6 people, we all wear multiple hats, you will too!

  • + Cold outreach to prospective clients
  • + Warm outreach to prospective clients
  • + Internal business development of the Pixel Bakery brand
  • + Attending speaking events on Pixel Bakery’s behalf
  • + Advocate for the entrepreneurship culture of Lincoln
  • + Referral program specialist

Qualities We Look For:

  • + Genuine
  • + Goal Oriented
  • + Humble yet confident
  • + Passionate person about life & what we do as a company
  • + Master of interpersonal communications
  • + Needs to be trustworthy, very transparent
  • + Needs to be adaptable, weekends might be necessary
  • + Needs to have an impressive sales background, with a portfolio of examples
  • + Willingness to go to all networking events, and make solid connections
  • + Has good connections outside of Nebraska
  • + Able to work remotely successfully, if needed
  • + Needs to be very quick to respond to potential clients
  • + Has to be able to make smart decisions about proposals
  • + Must be available for 20 hours (or more) a week
  • + Have to be available to work in-office Monday-Friday
  • + Must be a team player, literally everything we do is a collaborative effort
  • + Strong understanding of our internal brand & voice
  • + Not afraid to write a blog post, or two during your stay here
  • + The ability to self-teach and problem solve
  • + Ability to take positive criticism and feedback

We’d love to have you join the team. To apply, skip the cover letter and shoot us your resume and sales portfolio.

Sound Good? Sounds Good.

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