Jordan Lambrecht Holding Hum

Go ahead and squeeze, but not before you put on some tea,
clean two cups, lift shades and pin back curtains. Not before the end
of this song, before dawn reaches in, before you turn the page, or
a woman apologizes for dialing the wrong man again—not before
you learn her name, how to pronounce it, how to sing it with
and without regret catching in your throat—Are you done?
Go ahead and squeeze after the hinges are reinforced on all
doors, the house secure from storm or intruder, your laces are tied,
this commercial break is over, drywall is taped, spackled,
painted—a nail driven, a painting hung and adjusted, (there is still
so much to adjust, arrange, there is time) and you write your letter,
correct every letter, scrawl the signature so swift and crooked
it becomes the name of another—relax the jaw that holds the barrel,
pull the gun out, point it heavenward, and
squeeze until the clip is as empty as chamber.

I’m generally not much of a poetry person, but the other day my friend Tina recommended Jamaal May‘s Hum to me. It really stuck with me and, honestly, got me pretty choked up. I’ve sent it to a lot of my creative friends, and it’s amazing to see how their creative personality emerges in their interpretation of this. Almost everyone I ask interprets it differently. I think it really demonstrates the hunger to create that every passionate designer feels every day. Nothing is ever finished, and the second we start a project we already have five ideas for new ones. I highly recommend checking out this book, especially if you’re like me and are someone who likes the idea of reading poetry, but not necessarily actually reading it. It’s a great way to get your feet wet. You can grab it on Amazon for around $15, or swing by PB and I’ll loan it to you.