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Casting Call

Sunday Scaries - Casting Call

Pixel Bakery is looking for several actors.

We’re shooting a few social media commercials for Sunday Scaries. There are multiple roles to fill and they are all LGBTQ+ friendly. Think you’re a great fit? Fill out the form below, and we’ll put you in the talent pool. The exact shoot date is still TBD, but will take place sometime in July. We’ll need a headshot and a short video recorded from your phone of you reciting a few lines (if noted).

Scenario 01

Working Title:
Dark Alley

Creative Concept – 15-30s

We start this spot in a dark alley at night, a millennial man (Zeke) is running down away from the shadowed figure behind him. He looks terrified as the figure illuminates into a man wearing a shirt saying Monday. The man is visibly out of breath, but holding something. He looks up at our main character and says, Dude, I was just trying to give you this. It helps with stress.and hands him a bottle of the flagship Sunday Scaries gummies. Zeke grabs the bottle, shrugs with intrigue, and continues on his way home.


  • Main Character: male, 22-38 y/o, hipster – What do you want from me?!
  • Stalker – Dude, I was just trying to give you this. It helps with stress.
    • Option 01: male, tall, lanky, awkward, 22-38 y/o, any ethnicity
    • Option 02: male, 25-38 y/o, average build, any ethnicity

Scenario 02

Working Title:
Good Night’s Sleep

Creative Concept – 15-30s

We all want to get a good night’s sleep, but it’s nearly impossible with the endless world of Instagram and TikToks. Here we see Ella, all brushed up and ready for bed at 10PM. She begins scrolling through her phone, and looks over at their alarm clock, 11pm, 12am, 1am, 2am, she becomes more disheveled as each hour passes. Finally, she reaches over to her side table, opens the drawer and grabs out a bottle of Sunday Scaries, lets out a sigh of relief and soon drifts off to sweet sleep.


  • Main Character: 22-38 y/o, millennial young professional, any ethnicity No dialogue. 

Scenario 03

Working Title:
Internal Monologue

Creative Concept – 15-30s

Every day we struggle to confirm if we did or did not do something. Here we see a woman (Emma) on her way to work. While driving, she begins to contemplate all the things she’s unsure if she did. “Did I lock my door? I turned the knob three times before I left. But did I feed my cat? He will be so mad at me if I forgot. I know I forgot something.” But with Sunday Scaries, there’s no need to fret about the little worrisome things.


  • Main Character: 22-30 y/o, typical millennial, confident, average build, any ethnicity– (Looking at phone) “Would it kill you to text back? Remember your expensive breathwork class . . . breathe in . . .”

Think you’re a good fit?

Sweet. We’re glad you think so. Here are the next steps:

1. Select which roles you want to audition for.
2. If the roles have dialogue, record a quick video on your cell phone of you reciting the dialogue.
3. Fill out the form below, include a headshot, an acting reel if you have one, and any recorded dialgoue.
4. If our client thinks you’re a good fit, we’ll call you in for an in-person audition.

Easy Peasy, right?