Waxahatchee's Lincoln Calling feature

2018 Lineup Teaser


Lincoln Calling


Spring 2018

  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Storyboarding


Art Direction
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Josh Hoepner
  • Karley Johnson
  • Jordan Lambrecht
Account Manager
  • Tony Bertino

Project Brief

To celebrate their 15th anniversary and the fact that they were becoming an independent nonprofit organization, Lincoln Calling rebranded and wanted to go big with their lineup release. Rather than doing a lineup poster or simple video, they wanted an animated video fit for the largest festival in the world. We took aspects of their new brand and created an intergalactic journey where the viewer discovers all the diverse acts in different ways.

We worked closely with the festival organizers and their creative agency to ensure the video was upbeat, unique, and showcased the featured artists in a way that was exciting and fresh. The video had to be able to be strong enough to stand as its own piece while remaining consistent with the brand.

Custom Music Score

“Writing and producing “Space Traffic” was a new and exciting endeavor for me. I’ve always appreciated the combinations of swing / jazz and electronic music, so this project for me was a challenge to step outside of my comfort zone and produce some awesome, sassy, new-age groovy music. Overall, the write process felt very organic and I’m more than happy how the final product turned out. Thanks Pixel Bakery for this stellar opportunity!”

-Caleb Wiedel, Darkwood, Composer

Lincoln Calling animation frame
Lincoln Calling animation frame
Lincoln Calling animation frame


For the video, we wanted to incorporate Lincoln Calling’s new branding, but wanted the video to be able to stand as its own piece, unique with its own themes and imagery. We took the colors, typefaces, and a couple different patterns from the branding, and incorporated new elements that were consistent with the brand.

We started the process with research into relevant animated videos, lineup release videos from other music festivals, and imagery we liked for this project. We realized we wanted to do a space-themed video with a theme all humans (especially Lincolnites) can relate to: heavy traffic. We created a giant list of traffic imagery and then revised it to contain intergalactic elements. Next we moved into script writing. We wrote it keeping in mind their would be no voiceover and that all reveals would be visual, incorporating as many items from our master list as possible. As with most videos, things evolved and grew as we moved from the script to storyboarding.

We hand-drew every scene in the video including reference photos and colors we imagined for each one. After presenting and getting approval, we started asset design and animation, using Adobe Illustrator, Premier, After Effects, as well as elements designed in Cinema 4D. The design and animation project took about two weeks, capped off with laying the final version of the original score.

Knitting Astronaut for Lincoln Calling

Working with Music Festivals

Lincoln Calling is the third music festival we’ve worked with, who came to us right before our third year with Country Stampede. Music is an important source of inspiration and joy to us, and the process of discovering new and diverse artists in so many different genres is always exciting. We’re still waiting on that call back @lollapalooza.

Lincoln Calling Animation Frame