20th Anniversary Mailer

Project Brief

Since 1998, the Child Advocacy Center has dutifully served 15,000 children across southeast Nebraska. To celebrate their 20th birthday and huge milestones, we designed a dynamic mail piece inviting people to the anniversary party. The inside includes a timeline of important events from the CAC’s inception to present day.

The mailer needed to be a self-contained piece so the size and the way it was folded and tabbed had to comply with USPS regulations. This was the first time we designed and printed a self-contained piece, so it saw numerous revisions to ensure the information was laid out and folded correctly.

The CAC wanted a rustic and colorful look, so we took their color palette, modified the colors, and added rich textures to achieve the look they wanted to convey.


Child Advocacy Center


Fall 2018

  • Print Layout
  • Illustration
  • Dynamic Mailer
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Art Direction

  • Karley Johnson


  • Hannah Klemme


The process for this piece was a new one for us. Instead of using a template, we determined the size ourselves based on the amount of information that it needed to have. We built a sample out of printer paper and tape and used it to inform our layout design. Throughout, we had to make sure it complied with USPS bulk mailing standards. To achieve that, it needed to be a minimum height and width, had to had a hard edge on the bottom and tabbed on the top. To make sure the information was laid out correctly, we had to rearrange panels and redesign the back multiple times.

The CAC wanted the mailers to be “colorful and rustic” to best fit the venue the party was at. The title they chose was “Something New is Brewing” because the event was at a local brewery and to hint at exciting new developments at the nonprofit.

To achieve the look they wanted, we took their color palette and changed the colors slightly to be darker and more muted to go along with the autumn time event. We created a pattern of thick colorful lines that flowed throughout to be visually striking and provide consistency throughout the whole piece.

We were able to incorporate the CAC’s tagline and a simple pattern of their acronym on the back panels. The last panel built out was the actual party invitation and event details.

Print Design

For us, print is best when it’s simple and elegant. We want people to get mail and easily and simple be able to read it, get the necessary information, and be compelled to take action. This philosophy works for all the nonprofit print work we do, whether it’s informational, a donation push, or event invitation. We believe the best way to persuade is to keep it simple and straightforward yet striking and beautiful.