Pink Gorilla Events Early Bird 10 mile Run Animation

Early Bird 10 Mile Run


Pink Gorilla


Winter 2017

  • Sound Design
  • Animation


Creative Director
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Ben Kamprath

Project Brief

Pink Gorilla brought us on to do an announcement video for their newest race. Rather than using recycled live footage of other similar events, we produced a friendly and engaging animation highlighting the different aspects of the race. Oh, and we did it in two days.

This is a home run…I asked the Pixel Bakery team to create a video to launch our new Early Bird Run on an impossible timeline with a tight budget. They showed scrappy resolve to overcome some project challenges and delivered an animation that completed our brand and we can use for years to come. I highly recommend Pixel Bakery for animation.”
– Jared Bakewell, Co-Owner and Marketing Director