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Raikes Beef

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Raikes Beef


Fall 2018

  • Website Design
  • Ecommerce Interface


Web Design
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Noah Buscher
  • Karley Johnson
  • Tony Bertino
Account Manager
  • Tony Bertino
Raikes Beef Logo in Ashland Nebraska

Project Brief

Raikes Beef Co. is a family operation bringing a new meaning to “farm to table.” Located in Ashland, Nebraska, Raikes Beef Co. offers USDA Prime beef that is born, raised, and harvested on Raikes Farms, just miles away from the downtown shop.

They needed a locally sourced website that reflected who they are: authentic, family-oriented, and fresh. Learn about their heritage, their unique Japanese Wagyu-Angus hybrid cattle, and discover homemade recipes by Fayne Peterson – a published cook book author and their shop manager.

Raikes Beef Product Photography
Raikes Beef Product Photography


Politics move fast, which is especially true for the next Lincoln mayoral election. Because of a newly voter-approved initiative limiting a mayor to three terms, Lincoln will be electing its next mayor in Spring 2019. Leirion made a soft announcement of her candidacy a few days prior to making the video, which was shown at her official announcement and on social channels.

Agent provided the script while we were on set to bring it to life. We filmed on an afternoon in mid-November at Pioneers Park in Lincoln. Agent handled all post-production and published the video days later. We were not able to start filming until around 3pm and had to have everything done before sundown, which is not the easiest task this late in the year.

Leirion was well prepared and knew exactly what to do in a time sensitive situation with many different variables – we think she’ll be a phenomenal mayor.

Raikes Beef Product Photography
Raikes Beef Product Photography
Raikes Beef Product Photography
Raikes Beef Web Design