First Honey: Bee Better


First Honey

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Fall 2019

  • 2D Animation
  • Illustration


Art Direction
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Karley Johnson
  • Madeline Christensen
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Hannah Klemme
  • Hannah Klemme
  • Tyler Loebig
  • Madeline Christensen
Account Executive
  • Josie Sittig

Project Brief

Based in Tennessee, First Honey is a bandage company that uses manuka honey to provide a unique, all-natural healing experience—manuka honey is native to New Zealand and produced by bees that pollinate the manuka bush. First Honey came to us looking for an engaging way to captivate their audience and encourage them to give their manuka honey-infused bandages and ointments a try. 

We created two playful, family-oriented animations to help show the power of First Honey’s fast, all-natural healing.


First Honey wanted to highlight two products in less than 30-second video modulations for social media: their fast-healing ointment and all-natural bandages. For the first animation, we wanted the tone to be nurturing, lighthearted, and relatable; something that would appeal to our target demographic. A family-oriented playground scenario would achieve this tone. The second story gives a playful, inside look into the beehive production of their bandages. We wanted the tone to be informative, caring, and positive. To tie the animations together, we created a lovable bee character to follow through the animations. 

Once we had an idea of where the script was going, we were able to storyboard each scene, finalize illustrations and start animating. We chose a pastel color palette that would compliment the First Honey logo and product design. The illustrations are simple and shape-based, and animated, take on a gentle and inviting nature. Subtle texturing and playful music pulled the project together.

PB + First Honey

Who doesn’t want to illustrate and animate a cute, bumblebee mascot? We had a lot of fun making these playful animations, and our team loved the opportunity to explore a new visual style.  First Honey trusted us with the entire process, from storyboarding and copywriting to illustrating and animating, which allowed us to create a cohesive project where every aspect was given ample time and attention.