Kidwell Business Promotion


Daake / Kidwell

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Spring 2018

  • Videography
  • Aerial Drone Video


Videography & Post-Production
  • Karley Johnson
  • Tony Bertino
Drone Pilot
  • Jordan Lambrecht

Project Brief

Daake, an Omaha-based branding and advertising agency, came to us to create two videos for their client Kidwell. After rebranding the IT and security systems provider, Daake needed a team to concisely and beautifully showcase all Kidwell has to offer. We shot for two days at their Lincoln headquarters as well as their brand new office in Kearney, Nebraska.

Kidwell videography production drone


After research, phone calls with Daake and Kidwell, and our brand exploration survey, we created a master shot list based on the script provided. We first traveled to Kearney, NE and spent a day with the crew shooting in their new office. This first day focused on electrical installation, cabling, and planning, while the second day at the Lincoln HQ, focused on Kidwell’s culture, philanthropic efforts, warehouse, and truck fleet. Throughout, we had the opportunity to learn about Kidwell’s processes and got to watch their team members collaborate and work together.

Both days of footage came together in the editing room where it was combined to effectively tell the story of Kidwell and what they provide businesses of any size. In one particular outdoor shot, the sky behind a Kidwell employee became overexposed, leaving a bright white/gray background. In post-production, we masked the subject in the foreground, shot better footage of a blue sky, and replaced the bright white sky with a more natural looking image. In what was possibly unnoticeable by many viewers, the touched up scene makes for a more polished and attention driven piece.

Working With Agencies

Daake is the latest advertising agency to work with us to service their clients. As a production company, we like the process of getting to work with two different groups of passionate people. We are able to collaborate on the creative and strategic aspects with the agency while getting to know the people and businesses in our community. Check out some of our other collaborations with awesome agencies like Ervin & Smith, Wheelhouse Collective, and PLAY Creative. 


Kidwell, fresh of their rebrand, now has two new videos at their arsenal. One for promoting the Kidwell brand and all their capabilities, and one for recruiting the best talent for their ever-expanding business.