Pink Gorilla Events Early Bird 10 mile Run Animation

Pink Gorilla Events: Early Bird 10 Mile Run


Pink Gorilla Events

Pink Gorilla brought us on to do an announcement video for their newest race. Rather than using recycled live footage of other similar events, we produced a friendly and engaging animation highlighting the different aspects of the race. Oh, and we did it in two days.

This is a home run…I asked the Pixel Bakery team to create a video to launch our new Early Bird Run on an impossible timeline with a tight budget. They showed scrappy resolve to overcome some project challenges and delivered an animation that completed our brand and we can use for years to come. I highly recommend Pixel Bakery for animation.”
– Jared Bakewell, Co-Owner and Marketing Director


Winter 2017

  • Sound Design
  • Animation

Animation: Ben Kamprath
Creative Director: Jordan Lambrecht
Branding: Simple Strat