Say Goodbye, Grace

Say Goodbye Grace Movie Typeface Design

POW! Productions


Fall 2017

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The filmmakers at POW! Productions came to use to create the typeface to be used for the opening credits of their short film “Say Goodbye, Grace.” The client wanted elements of neon lights, rain, fractured glass, and cracked cement. For the project, we set up a shoot in an alley way, used a hose to continuously keep the cement wet, and used LED lights with color filters to create the look of a neon sign reflecting off the ground after a storm. We selected one photo out of hundred, created a typeface, refined the light, and then shattered each letter.

  • 3D Modeling
  • Photography
  • Compositing
  • Visual Effects

Creative Director / Additional Design: Jordan Lambrecht
Designer: Karley Johnson
Concept / Strategy: Tony Bertino

Typography Design for Indie Movie
Typography Design Say Goodbye Grace Indie Movie