SOLA: Less Carbs, Less Worries



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Winter 2020

  • Videography
  • Food Styling
  • Scriptwriting
  • Animation


  • Kabin Thomas
  • Nathan Dunham
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Karley Johnson
  • Michael Hennings
  • Karley Johnson
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Aaron Smith
  • Madeline Christensen
  • Katie Jenkins
Production Assistants
  • Hannah Klemme
  • Madeline Christensen
  • Shanda Shappell
  • Madeline Christensen
  • Jordan Lambrecht

Project Brief

The SOLA company came to us to create a 60-second commercial that would promote their low-carb, keto-friendly bread. They needed something that would appeal to their millennial demographic: hopefully combining dry humor with a relatable scenario to today’s young adult.

Commercials for healthy food options are often serious and look something like “woman sits in the sunshine and enjoys her health food while watching the kids play.” We took the opportunity to create something much different for a new demographic that is choosing healthier options. 

Our answer was a slightly surreal, somewhat stressful Uber ride with an over-sharing driver. We follow an average guy just trying to get home from a trip to the grocery store, ending with him finally finding peace as he makes a mouth-watering sandwich with SOLA bread. It’s bread without the carbs: it’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.


To bring an awkward Uber ride to life, you’ve gotta film in a moving car. Not the easiest task. Luckily, our small but mighty team works well in tight spaces. 

We brought in a few reinforcements for an extra hand with lighting, filming, makeup, and assistance on set. We lucked out and found two local actors perfect for the Uber driver and his unfortunate passenger, and both were ready and willing to drive around in circles for hours and brave the bitter, midwest winter. We’ve got to give extra props to Kabin (the Driver) for his execution of the script, but also being able to ad-lib beautifully when we needed him to. Much of what made the final cut was made up on the spot. 

Authenticity was key with this project, and we felt a green screen just wouldn’t do the scene justice. Instead, we were able to mount a Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4k on the hood of the car to get shots through the windshield, and then inside the car for some additional angles. We directed via walkie talkies and followed in a car. Many people were crammed in trunks. Our mothers disapproved. Exciting stuff! 

Don’t forget about the real reason we’re all here, though: bread. We crafted trays of sandwiches for the perfect ending shot, and put our creative team to the task of food styling (it’s not easy.) If half of our time was spent in the trunk of a moving car for this commercial, the other half was spent watching Nathan trying to blissfully eat sandwich after sandwich until we told him to stop. (Sorry, Nathan.)