Wait A Minute



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Summer 2018

  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Storyboarding


Art Direction
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Karley Johnson
  • Josh Hoepner
  • Karley Johnson
  • Jordan Lambrecht
Account Manager
  • Tony Bertino

Project Brief

SoulPancake came to us to animate the pilot episode for a new original series. Titled “Wait A Minute,” the series aims to cover various social behaviors and examples of how they are present in our daily lives. The pilot episode covers something called “post-purchase rationalization,” where consumers consider different reasons for buying items they may not necessarily need.

The purpose of the series is to cover important real-life topics, and presented in a way that isn’t scary or overly dramatic, but still digestible for viewers. From start to finish, we created the visuals of the world and characters that exist on screen.

animation from SoulPancake Wait A Minute
SoulPancake Wait A Minute Getting Rained On


This project was one of our more holistic projects, especially with SoulPancake. The first draft of the script we were given was about five pages long, but we stripped away more supplemental information in order to keep the video as lean and information-driven as possible.

We started the process by finding the look and feel of the main character. Based on the character’s motives throughout the story, we created a “character bible.” This document consists of potential character attributes, both visually and psychologically. We talk about what his age could be, his living situation, income, marital status, likes and dislikes, and personal opinions. These facts help us visualize not only the character, but the world around him as well. Having an extensive backstory of the character helps the team to better understand the overall look and to communicate better.

From there, we made hand-drawn sketches of our character who we named Quinn. These included face, full body, side views, and back views. We also drew several different facial expressions for worry, happy, excited, sad, etc. At this point we also started crafting mood boards and gathering inspiration.We had a few different options for colors, typefaces, and overall theme. A big visual inspiration to us in terms of the character design was the Netflix show Bojack Horseman.

After the beginning scenes were designed out, we began animating. As we animated the first scenes, we continued to design assets for later scenes, keeping our workflow moving as seamlessly as possible. After all animating was done, we sourced and implemented all sound effects and background music.

The final touches were adding some kinetic type to announce the episode’s title when it is read in the voiceover.

Continuing our work with SoulPancake

We’ve now worked with SoulPancake on several different projects the last year and a half, one of which consisted of six individual videos. The more we work with them, the more enjoyable and fulfilling the process is. SP really sees value in animation and how it can be used as a visual medium. It’s a match made in heaven – or Los Angeles.