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Hi there. We are Pixel Bakery Design Studio.

Animation, Videography, and Design oh my.

What We’re Really Good at Doing

Offering a variety of mouthwatering choices, making them fresh, and with a personal touch. Although we are not a bakery (sorry to disappoint you if that’s what you were looking for), we offer those same three things (in relation to the world of brands, of course).

We are Pixel Bakery, a design studio focused on serving up animation, web design, video, motion graphics, 4K aerial videography and photography, and graphic design. With these ingredients at our disposal, instead of letting flat techniques ruin a great idea, we explore newer and fresher ways to present that idea.

We hope you like it here.

Animation + Motion Design

Animation and motion design are our bread and butter. We specialize in 3D and 2D animation, motion graphics, stop motion, and 3D modeling. Our animation projects are full-service and include concepting, sound design, storyboarding, and voiceovers.

Videography + Production

We’re a team of writers, cinematographers, sound designers, and directors. We do TV commercials, digital ads, YouTube series, documentaries, tutorials, interviews, and your soon-to-be award-winning true crime series on Netflix.

Web Design

Dealer’s Choice. We’re an award-winning web design shop with serious chops. WordPress, Bootstrap, hard code, and customized Squarespace sites.

A Cinema4D 3D Render of the Hudl Focus camera lens.

Hudl: Focus Sizzle Promo

For the highly anticipated launch of the Hudl Focus, we were asked to make a “sizzle” video. If you’re wondering what a sizzle video is, it’s like when you put meat on a grill and it makes that “sssss” soundin a marketing sense, it’s gotta feel just like that. It needed to be exciting, it needed to quickly get to the point, and it needed to be…juicy.

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SoulPancake: The Price of Free

In collaboration with YouTube and Participant Media, we teamed up with SoulPancake to create an animation promoting a feature documentary. The film follows Nobel prize winner Kailash Satyarthi and his mission to free children forced into child labor.

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Doane University Open Learning Academy Animation Frame

Doane University: Open Learning Academy

Our animations for Doane University filled in the gaps for skeptical students considering Doane’s online courses, informing the viewer of the personal support they’ll receive with every class, the quality of the course, and how it will fit into their educational journey. Our approach was simple, straight-forward, and engaging.

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KANEKO: Reality

After working with KANEKO on their previous record-breaking Light exhibition, they brought us on for their very next one. REALITY exists to challenge viewers to step back and to look at the world in a different way. We storyboarded, designed, and animated the video to introduce the grand opening, as well as an introduction to the exhibition itself.

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