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Hi there. We are Pixel Bakery Motion Studio.

Animation, Videography, and Design oh my.

There are three things that make a bakery great

Offering a variety of mouthwatering choices, making them fresh, and with a personal touch. Although we are not a bakery (sorry to disappoint you if that’s what you were looking for), we offer those same three things (in relation to the world of brands, of course).

We are Pixel Bakery, a motion studio focused on serving up animation, web design, video, motion graphics, 4K aerial videography and photography, and graphic design. With these ingredients at our disposal, instead of letting flat techniques ruin a great idea, we explore newer and fresher ways to present that idea. That also requires learning as much as we can about your brand, finding something that works specifically for you, and adding a personal touch to the mix.

We hope you like it here.

Videography production still for nonprofit museum KANEKO in Omaha Nebraska

KANEKO: Light Exhibit

We worked with KANEKO to tease their latest and possibly greatest exhibition, Light. They wanted video production that encouraged people to check out the different pieces without giving too much away. By utilizing ambient sound captured from inside the museum itself, we crafted a short but beautiful preview of what there is to explore.

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Pink Gorilla Events Early Bird 10 mile Run Animation

Pink Gorilla Events: Early Bird 10 Mile Run

Some of our best animation work on the shortest timeline: two days.



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HopCat Beer can 3D model in Cinema 4D

HopCat: Drink More Beer

We traveled to two different HopCat restaurants to do a series of videos. We went south to Kansas City to capture their opening day spectacle and finished up in Lincoln to create a line cleaning process video and a psycadelia infused crowler promo.

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Earth your While Soulpancake animation

SoulPancake: Earth Your While

We designed the animated opening titles for one of SP’s newest series, Earth Your While, hosted by beloved comedian Zach Anner. We were given 15 seconds to touch on the main goal of the series: to objectionably and authentically talk about global climate change in a way that speaks to all Americans.

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