Credit Union of America TV Spots


PLAY Creative

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PLAY Creative


Summer 2018

  • Videography
  • Post-Production


Art Direction
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Karley Johnson
Videography & Animation
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Karley Johnson
  • Josh Hoepner
Post Production
  • Jordan Lambrecht
  • Karley Johnson
  • Josh Hoepner
Account Manager
  • Tony Bertino

Project Brief

PLAY Creative is a creative agency in Lincoln that specializing in design and dynamic print. Their client, Credit Union of America, wanted four unique TV spots highlighting a few of their exciting features. Each spot was centered around an individual feature available on their mobile banking app.

PLAY provided the scripts and brand management, while Pixel Bakery served as production. Our teams spent two days in Wichita with the CUA folks to shoot video around Wichita and in the main branch.

Production took place in June 2018 with the first of the four spots scheduled to hit local TV just a couple weeks later.


While all four spots had actors that needed direction, only one of the spots had a script with written dialogue. Not surprisingly, this spot was the most difficult of the four. One aspect was because it contained dialogue which is always its own challenge. That was compounded by the fact that we were filming inside the credit union at a teller’ window – all during high traffic hours. Because the bank was very busy, we had to find lulls in traffic where we could get the scenes we needed.

The other locations included a local craft brewery, outside in front of local shops, and inside a credit union office. Additionally, we had scenes that required a character driving in traffic and through a drive-thru ATM. While the difficulty for each spot varied, the actors, CUA staff, and the PLAY team overcame any obstacle we encountered, including a flat tire during filming and some unruly onlookers.

Since each spot had to show the mobile app in action, we masked cell phones and ATM screens with a green screen and have the actor tap “buttons” in different general areas. Later in post-production, we used graphics designed by PLAY to replace the green screens and mask around hands and fingers that tapped the screens.

A challenge we faced in post-production was with the dialogue from the spot we filmed in the credit union. There was a fair amount of ambient sound, making the dialogue difficult to hear at times. We had to find a balance between the audio levels of dialogue, background music, and ambient sound.

Working with Agencies

This was our first project with PLAY and it took a lot of faith on both sides to take on the project together. To make sure we were all on the same page even weeks before filming, we had several meetings where we talked about the CUA brand, PLAY’s previous work for them, the goals of the TV spots, and more. We went through all the scripts, scouted locations on Google Maps and on location, and highlighted potential roadblocks and how to overcome them. When you’re working on a project with another creative company, it’s important that everyone has clearly defined roles and knows the content inside and out.